Welcome to Awametox Consulting which delivers expertise in early avoidance of drug toxicity. I offer advice and services in the following areas:

  • Awareness/avoidance of reactive metabolites from bioactivation of drugs and chemical toxicology in general.
  • Direct consultations regarding potential dangers of your specific compounds.

The firm provides the following services outside the consulting area:

  • The application SpotRM+ was launched in 2015. It has now been replaced by a more advanced web tool named SpotRM which lets you quickly analyse an input structure regarding presence of structural alerts and to track those alerts with example drugs and current hypotheses of reactive metabolite formation.
  • At the site you find a collection of reviews on reactive metabolites and other info material that might serve as an entry for learning about reactive metabolites from a chemical perspective.
  • A textbook of medicinal chemistry (in Swedish) was published by me in January 2017.